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2007-07-03 - 7:13 a.m.

The dog is running me ragged. Ragged, I tells ya.

Poor guy moves to a new home and needs ear medicine twice a day. What a treat for both of us that is! And his pretend daddy is out of town so I have to do it myself. That's fun.

Then, he goes and eats grass this weekend and spent all day Sunday getting it out of his system, so to speak, once overnight on my floor.

And, his previous owners apparently never walked him so he never learned how to behave on walks despite being trained well to do everything else, so I had to get him a pinch collar so he'll stop pulling my arm out of my socket. (It's ok. It doesn't hurt him. Just reminds him to chill out a little bit when he gets too goofy.)

He's had a rough time of it.

But. He also enjoys sleeping on my lap while we watch tv and playing with his hedgehog toy and general hug giving, so it's ok.

Yay for him.


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